Urby Staten Island

Reinvigorating the fifth borough by
reconnecting a community to its waterfront

Staten Island’s Stapleton area has loads of potential — a breathtaking and historic waterfront immediately adjacent to the Staten Island Railroad Station and a 4-minute subway ride to the Staten Island Ferry. Despite these advantages, the Stapleton Homeport has gone undeveloped since the Navy decommissioned the naval base in 1995, cutting off the community from all waterfront views and access. Compounding the problem, young people have continued to leave Staten Island in droves, creating challenges for job creation and for the economy as a whole.

Things are changing, though. As part of the New Stapleton Waterfront Development Plan, we are working with the City and Borough President James Oddo to transform the area into a vibrant, mixed-use community that will once again connect residents and visitors to the waterfront. Hundreds of thousands of square feet will be dedicated to residential and retail purposes, intertwined with open spaces and pathways designed to encourage pedestrian activity and public gatherings.

Urby Staten Island will feature 900 LEED-certified residential units, 35,000 square feet of ground floor retail, 600 parking spaces and a public plaza. The first phase, 571 residences, launched in February, 2016. In addition, the city of New York is investing $32 million into the public spaces to create new roads and a mile-long waterfront esplanade for the city, whose citizens will also enjoy improved public transit ridership and decreased traffic as a byproduct. Finally, from an economic perspective, the project is creating more than 1,100 construction jobs and 250 permanent jobs as we work to build a sustainable future for the borough.

In addressing the lack of housing stock and recreational opportunities for young Staten Island residents, Ironstate is introducing Urby Staten Island, a new residential community designed to encourage community spirit and neighborly interaction.

...That Staten Island is depleting itself of young
people has been a source of concern to the city

Despite proximity to the Staten Island Railroad and the Ferry, virtually no development has taken place in the area since the closing of the former Navy pier, Stapleton
Homeport, in the mid-90s.

Forming a strong partnership with City agencies and Borough President Oddo, Ironstate shaped a new vision for Staten Island’s Stapleton community and a reinvention of how the “fifth” borough is perceived.

A turning point for the entire East Shore.

Ironstate worked with innovative Dutch firm, Concrete Architects, as well as New Jersey-based Minno and Wasko, to design prominent shared public spaces for residents to encourage social interaction and a sense of community.

Designed to provide an antidote to the constraints of modern day rentals, Urby eliminates the compromises that face so many people by providing a resident experience that makes life as easy as possible and makes you feel right at home. A total rethink of modern housing.


Following the early-2016 launch of Urby Staten Island first phase, we will break ground on the community’s second phase, 328 rental residences and an active courtyard with a volley ball court, dog run and an urban farm. With the introduction of new housing, retail, the public esplanade, and other key public features, Urby Staten Island will energize the waterfront in Stapleton. Open space will include walking paths, lawns, and landscaped areas. In addition, a new public launch site will allow nonmotorized boats to access the river and docking for historic vessels. In continuing our commitment to responsible development and greening technologies, the development will participate in the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) certification program administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The architecture is designed to amplify the sense of open space and to connect residents with outdoor and public areas.